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CCD Horizontal Flatness / Coplanar Testing Instrument application:

With our Color LCD Monitors, CCD horizontal flatness testing instrument will allow high resolution imaging, make magnification be adjustable and available for External Dimensions inspection. It’s built in fine reference lines and can be adjustable for the reference position. Easily operation, fast and accurately distinguish quality products and reject. The efficiency is twice as normal form single lens CCD. It can greatly enhanced measuring of productivity with AID tool and be suitable used in lot quantity for production line .



Heat pressing equipment applification:

Our monitors are suitable used with FPC—PCB etc such heat pressing welding and they’re widely used with thermostat and pulse hot pressing currently.


BGA Repair applification: With BGA Repair workstation, our monitors allow high resolution imaging. The processing of baking for BGA chip on PCB board, distinguish with/ without lead, sealing off, placement, reflow …etc. can directly reflect by our Color LCD Monitor.


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